ICEM-Trophäe verteidigt

About last weekend. Always nice to be back with a Trophy ! 😎🏆 It‘s been a while since I last take part in a competition. Actually dating back to the Sachsenring race in September 2020. Boy, did I miss it!!!

Last weekend I took part in the postponed ICEM tournament. 😊✌🏼 A chess tournament which usually take part in the first days of every new year and I often compete in to kick off my seasons. ♟

In this year‘s edition I had a though start with drawing the first two games. 😒 But similar to the previous year I managed to start rolling from game 3 onwards and as everyone knows, when I roll I roll. ✌🏼 I managed to win every single game afterwards including an absolutely epic battle in the last round, which decided if I could defend my trophy or not. Staying calm and showing all my mental strength. 😊

Really happy to go home with the trophy once again 🏆 and improving my ICEM records to 9 consecutive unbeaten games (7 wins and 2 draws) and still counting. 😊💪🏼 Hope to continue in that style and really hope to get the chance to be back on a racetrack soon as well. 🏁

Benjamin Mazatis ICEM Titel verteidigt
Benjamin Mazatis ICEM title defended
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